Reservation & prices

Dear Rider and Traveler,

Thank you very much for your kind interest in El Bronco Ranch!
We would like to inform you about the most comfortable way of how you can make your booking in El Bronco Ranch.
Please note that we work with travel agencies from all over the world and we accept bookings exclusively from our partners.
That is why we would like to help you find the best and nearest reliable reservation point for you.
All you should do is send us a) your name, b) your e-mail address and c) your country or state, and we will connect you right away with our trusted partners, located in your area.
You don't need to worry about the prices: they are the same all over the world.
High season: 1 May-30 September
Low season: 1 October-1 April
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Western Week 8 days/7 nights
-high season 1 085 €
-low season 910 €
Western Weekday 5 days/4 nights
-high season 620 €
-low season520 €
Western Weekend 4 days/3 nights
-high season 465 €
-low season 390 €


  1. All prices include accommodation, full board and riding.
  2. Besides our three basic packages, we can provide any kind of services, anytime.
  3. If you arrive to Budapest by plane, we can provide you a round trip transfer between the airport and the ranch.
  4. Discounts on all package prices:
  5. - children under 15 years 20%
    - children 0-3 years are free of charge
    - Non rider price per night: 25%.
  6. You will find more detailed prices on our partners' sites.
  7. We are pet friendly, so do not hesitate to take your best friend with you.

For further questions please feel free to contact us any time.
We hope to see you at our ranch!