The Ranch

The construction of El Bronco Ranch began in 1999. Our goal was to create an ideal location for breeding and training western sport horses (quarter horse, paint horse and appaloosa). Thanks to this conscientious and consistent work, our stock and our horses are highly qualified, focused on reining and trail. For more information, see the sections on "Breeding" and "Horses").

We have more than 40 horses specifically bred for western riding. Most of them are quarter horses, there are paint horses, appaloosas, and some of them are half quarter horses. Out of the stable we work with more than 20 horses actively, the rest are foals, bood-mares or retired ones.

El Bronco Ranch has given home to numerous domestic and international reining competitions. Our guests have more than 20 high trained horses at their disposal to enjoy the exceptional experience of riding, that is too often the exclusive privilege of only sportsmen and trainers. Outdoor and indoor tracks and corrals are available to practice reining, while thousands of acres in the Kiskunság National Park provide a diversified environment for cross-country riding all year round with sandy trails among picturesque hills, forests and lakes teeming with vegetation, wildlife and birds. Our riders are never bothered by any buildings or man-made structures; thanks to long years of protected status, even the animals inhabiting the area are accustomed to people. (For more details about wildlife and vegetation, see the chapter "Kiskunság National Park")